New single out now!

‘Shirts was written last summer; I had just moved into a new house – soon it turned into a song about the transitional periods in your life where you feel like you keep going in circles before you enter a new phase. It definitely feels like we have started defining our own style as a band with this song.’ – Nikki

Nikki & The Waves are the Northwest’s funky daydream-pop band. (Or self-proclaimed: ’daydream pop’) With a wide range of influences, they’re difficult to pin down but easy to listen to.

By mixing brass with upbeat guitars and melancholic melodies they manage to create a modern sound that is nostalgic at the same time.

The band formed nearly 3 years ago after Amsterdam-born front woman moved to Liverpool to study, where she met the other members who shared the same passion for music.

Since then they have played nearly every venue in Liverpool, including opening for SOAK and The Mysterines.

Over the last two years they self-released multiple singles, gaining
attention from BBC Merseyside and several Spotify playlists.

The new single ‘Shirts’ shows the band taking their sound to a more polished next level with help from producer James Skelly (The Coral, Blossoms) at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool.

The use of an analogue tape machine from the seventies, a variety of synths and trombone lines create their now more mature but still recognisable sound.